Girls On Top

Girls On Top
love, romice,
Release date:
01 January 1970
120 as of September 2016
Paul Jackson
Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French

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love, romice, ITV
The first episode had Amanda struggling to find a flat and managing to procure one (that she cannot afford) from Lady Carlton. The former resident, Candice, convinces Amanda to let her stay until Wednesday because she has nowhere to go. Then, Jennifer, Amanda's childhood friend, arrives unexpectedly with nowhere to go. Eventually, Shelley is recruited to move in because of her heftytrust fund from her rich parents back in the States and because none of the others can afford to cover the rent and deposit.Each episode centred on the fact that Shelley could order the others around because they relied on her to get the rent paid; usually the show incorporated Candice's latest invented fatal illness, or any other reason to not pay the rent. One episode had Candice convincing everyone she was dating Prince Andrew, while another found her tricking Shelley into starring in a porno movie
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