Nok Jhok

Nok Jhok
comedian, family,
Release date:
01 January 1970
16 as of August 2016
Danish Nawaz
Danish Nawaz, Sana Askari , Samina Ahmed

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comedian, family, Ary Digital
The solitary thing in the world, a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law ever agree upon is that her husband and her son should have married someone else..Like every other house this story is based on a hilarious comedy of nonstop ‘NOK JHOK’ between a mother and daughter-in-law. Danish Nawaz as Faiz is the poor son who always becomes a sandwich between the war between his wife and mother.Sana Askari as Zaib-u-Nisa is the simple and educated daughter-in-law who has zero interest in fashion; and this is the bone of contention between her and the mother-in-law. Samina Ahmed as Naik Parwin is the mother-in-law who can trust anyone in this world; except her daughter-in-law. The one who suffers the most between their never ending Nok Jhok is the innocent son.
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