Ishq Ka Rang Safed

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed
drama, Fight, love,
Release date:
10 August 2015
25 minutes
341 as of August 2016
Film Farm India Pvt. Ltd.
Shahnawaz Khan Nitin Mahesh Chaudhary
Eisha Singh as Dhaan, Nishikant Dixit as Shambhu , Mishal Raheja as Viplav , Garima Vikrant Singh as Dulari

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About the show

drama, Fight, love, Colors
Viplav Tripathi, carefree grandson of Dashrath Tripathi meets Dhaani, a young widow on the bank of river Ganges in Banaras to win a bet with his two friends on his birthday morning. Dhaani lives with her mother in a widow refuge. Viplav, an LLB, plans to go US for further studies. Dashrath does various immoral acts in the name of Dharm to earn respect and money. Viplav in order to take revenge from Dhaani for disrespecting him pours alcohol, removing gangaajal in her pot which she takes to the temple, unaware of the thing in it. When a crowd comes to beat up Dhaani, Viplav saves her. In different ways Viplav plays pranks on Dhaani, but later comes to her door to apologise. Dashrath sends Viplav to Delhi, on the other hand he tries to vacate the widow refuge. Viplav stays with his friend Tanya in Delhi. Luckily, Viplav arrives in Banaras to fight the court case on behalf of widows. He comes to know that Dhaani is one of the widows whom he was helping. Shalini, Viplav's sister gets engaged to Ram, an income tax officer and Viplav unwillingly gets engaged to Tanya. He, later enraged, goes away to temple where he finds Dhaani and saves her from drowning, which leads to further misunderstanding between the duo. Later Viplav calls off engagement to Tanya. He blames himself for stealing the happiness of the widows and plans to stay in the widow refuge to help the widows rather than going to US.
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