Neeli Chatri Waale

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Neeli Chatri Waale
Release date:
30 August 2014
43 minutes
148 as of June 2016
Garima Productions
Ashwni Dhir
Yashpal Sharma/Rajesh Kumar, Prerna gautam, Himanshu Soni, Mithilesh Chaturvedi, Melissa Pais, Shahbaz Khan

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About the show

Comedy, Zee TV
The story is about a common man named Bhagwan Das who is torn between his personal and professional life. He is bullied by his boss, wife, father and his kids are also ashamed of his profession. He is always at the receiving end of all criticism and is the butt of jokes. Neeli Chatri Wale show is similar to the concept of the Akshay Kumar - Paresh Rawal movie Oh My God. Initially, the man doesn't have believe in God and never ask him for help. However, with the story progression, he would believe in him and seek his help every time he faces a problem. The God would be seen only by the rich man and not by anyone else.
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