Tumi Asbe Bole

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Tumi Asbe Bole
Family Drama, love store, romamce,
Release date:
30 January 2014
661 as of June 2016
Shudharaag (STAR Jalsha)
Anal Chakraborty Narendra Ojha
Rahul Banerjee, Sandipta Sen, Rupanjana Mitra

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About the show

Family Drama, love store, romamce, Star Jalsha
The soap is about Nandini and Rahul - two young fellows living in Kolkata.Rahul who is unmarried, is a very honest and humble man, though coming from a rich family, he is totally different from the others of his family.He loves his step-mother Rupanjana Debroy , who had once, for her lust of riches, blackmailed Rahul's father into marrying her. On the other hand, Nandini is married and has a child, Jhumjhumi . She is a doting mother and a very responsible woman. Rahul is deeply in love with Nandini. They were in college together. Rahul had confessed his love to Nandini back then. But Nandini who had always admired Rahul as a senior had never expected a proposal from him. She turned down his love and moved on with her life. Being a conservative girl she chose to marry the man her family suited for her. In the meantime eight years have passed.Rahul has become a businessman and is successful in his professional life . Nandini, on the other hand, has given birth to Jhumjhumi